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I’ll be the first person to admit that the standards of beauty perpetuated by the media and pop culture are completely fucked, trust me. However, there’s all this stuff floating around tumblr about telling women that they’re beautiful or pretty all the time, along with bouts of self loathing. Obviously my problem is not in this. It’s important to accept and see the beauty in all body types. The problem is that the discussion seems to be exclusively reserved for women. As a man, I feel just as inadequate when I see images of “perfect” male beauty, but there’s nothing I see that says “tell every guy that he’s beautiful”. A lot of these girls post pictures of men with six-packs and I feel just as inferior. I, as an individual, am just as affected and pressured by the images we accept as true beauty. As a society we’ve mistaken this propaganda for truth. A larger issue is, and forgive me for generalizing, is that men, probably straight men, are less likely to say to say ‘that every man is beautiful’ for fear of betraying normative masculinity. And this fear of homoeroticism and femininity is what I feel is largely to blame, but that’s a whole other tangent. So I guess that while the statistics of eating disorders are not in favor of men, I feel that men need to more included in the discussion of body politics, because idolizing these perfected body features damages everyone. Furthermore, while I feel that it is important to change our perceptions of beauty, for both men AND women, I do not believe that this can come about ONLY by me going up to everyone and telling them so. Changing the way you feel is so much bigger than that. Accepting yourself and loving the body you are in comes from saying to yourself “Fuck what other people think about me. I’m beautiful and I know it for sure.” Have confidence and anyone who tries to make you feel not entitled tot his confidence you kick them in the (proverbial) balls and strut away. Seeking validation through the compliments of others, while at times uplifting, is ultimately shallow. Decide for yourself that you are beautiful and if someone can’t see that then that is their misfortune, and their lesson to learn. Nothing is going to change if you sit around and wait for someone else to decide that you are beautiful. You are no matter what anyone says. It’s time to end the body image madness, and accept our imperfections as the particulars that of our own individual beauty. 

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